Canada Study Visa Application Form And Work Permit Application Form 2018

before you can move to canada to study, all overseas students are required to get a visa and student authorization. International students are also required to meet the requirements of Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. It takes about two months for visa to be processed in normal circumstances oer sometimes it can take more the two months.

Documents required For Visa and Student Authorization Procedure

Documents required for attainment of visa and student authorization procedures are:

  1. • Official acceptance letter issued by the Canadian college, university or Technical Institute.
  2. Proof of acceptance letter must contain the following data of students:
  3. • Name
  4. • Father’s name
  5. • Date of birth of student
  6. • Mailing address of student
  7. • Enrolment course of student
  8. • Tuition fee report
  9. • Full or part time course
  10. • Date on which the course will begin
  11. • Date on which course will end
  12. • Duration of selected course
  13. • TOFEL/IELTS score sheet (if required)
  14. • Completed Student Application form
  15. • Completed Supplementary Questionnaire for postdoctoral researchers and students
  16. • Bank Draft for the applicable visa processing fees
  17. • Passport, valid for at least six months from the planned date of entry to Canada.
  18. • Six passport sized photographs are also required.

Canada Study Visa Application Form And Work Permit Application Form 2018

Visa and Student Authorization Procedure

  • Submit the completed application kit to the immigration section of the Canadian High commission.
  • All the documents submitted, must be witnessed by a notary public or a magistrate or the Canadian Immigration Officer, must be original or photocopies notarized and, and be accompanied by a duplicate copy. Skilled worker visa for Canada:The most popular way of applying for migration to Canada is by skilled worker visa. The Canada Skilled worker Visa point’s selection system assesses a person on following main factors:
    • Education.
    • Adaptability.
    • Language ability.
    • Education.
    • Age.
    • Work experience

    Note: This system requires a pass mark of 67 out of 100 points of the questions beeen asked.Advantages of the Canada Skilled Worker VisaWithout the need for an employer or sponsor, the Canadian Skilled Worker Visa allows migration/travel to Canada as a permanent Resident to seek employment. This country is keen to have skilled workers and recently Canada Skilled worker Visa point’s selection system is designed to encourage Canadian immigration by skilled workers.The Canada Skilled worker Visa allows you to apply for citizenship after only three years, when you follow necessary requirements to apply.drop your comment , we will love to hear from you

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